Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remote Desktop - Hotkeys and Keyboard Shortcuts

If you use Remote Desktop as often as I do, then sooner or later you'll need to use a hot key on the remote system. I came across the list and formated nicely so I could put a copy on my wall. Then it occurred to me that perhaps others would like to get their hands on a copy.

To send this Keyboard Combination to the Remote ComputerType this on the Client Computer
ALT+PAGE UPALT+TABSwitch between programs from left to right.
ALT+PAGE DOWNALT+SHIFT+TABSwitch between programs from right to left.
ALT+INSERTALT+ESCCycle through programs in the order they were launched.
CTRL+ESC  Toggle client computer between window and full screen.
ALT+HOMECTRL+ESCDisplay the Start menu.
ALT+DELETE  Display the Windows menu.
(–) symbol on the numeric keypad
PRINT SCREENCapture the active Remote Desktop window into the clipboard.
CTRL+ALT+ENDCTRL+ALT+DELDisplay Task Manager or Windows Security dialog box.
(+) symbol on the numeric keypad
ALT+PRINT SCREENCapture the entire Remote Desktop session window into the clipboard.

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